Alison Levenberg

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"It's rare to find a tap class in New York that caters so precisely to that oft-ignored group: professional dancers who just need a little help building confidence in their ability to learn and execute new styles quickly in a tap audition setting.

This class, small in size and geared toward personal development, is an absolute gem!

I looked forward to every class as an opportunity to feel challenged in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Alison is an incredible dancer and teacher; she sees right away what habits and walls you need to break in your tap technique and knows just how to help you break them. I learned so much about myself, not just as a tapper, but as an auditioner, performer, and artist.

  Alison in the spotlight

In terms of practical application as well as overall enjoyment, this was some of the best money I've ever spent on dance classes in this city. Run, don't walk, to take class from Alison while you can!

– Summer Broyhill



Alison Levenberg's Broadway caliber tap skills are only exceeded by her knowledge and teaching abilities! Alison gives students individual feedback, goals, and assistance while maintaining curricular focus.

Alison takes the fear out of solo tapping through developmental exercises in a supportive and nurturing environment. In this short intensive I learned routines from (or in the definitive styles of) 42nd Street, Young Frankenstein, Mary Poppins, and 9 to 5.

I feel Alison helped me improve my tap skills and psychological approach to auditioning. The tap audition intensive was extremely beneficial--I would recommend it to all hoofers!

–Tony Howell



"Alison Levenberg knows what it takes to land an audition. Her pointers helped me book the first national tour of Young Frankenstein - two weeks after I took her seminar.

Without her, I could not have taken my tap to a new level in such a short time.

She is truly the best tap teacher I've ever had."

– Brittany Marcin.



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